Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Single Hair

One day I was washing my husband’s hair in the sink and as he stood up a single hair fell and landed on his glasses. We looked into each other’s eyes until the tears in mine made me turn away. My husband was too sick to shower as he had started chemo and was recovering from colon surgery.

That single hair was the beginning of him losing maybe a third of his hair, he was grateful he didn’t lose it all. It also represented in that moment the beginning of a journey into cancer treatment. So in that single hair was the message that all we had was that day, and that each day is a gift so worrying or fretting about an unknown future would take away from the day.

A single snowflake signals the coming of winter and a single Robin can signify the coming of spring.

In that single hair was also the message of change; our life together was going to be different.

A single word such as sorry can change a relationship.

A single a hug can show someone you care deeply.

A single person can change our world; just think of Rosa Parks or Gandhi.

Sometimes in a single moment we realize that our path must change that we are not happy.

A single decision makes no change, but a single action on that decision can change your life.

Sometimes a single harsh word can damage a relationship for awhile or even a lifetime, be cautious of your words.

That single hair reminded me of how much I loved my husband.

It is said that a single drink is all it takes for some people to be unable to stop. I know a single cigarette would release in me that addiction.

A single sperm meeting an egg creates the body for a soul to be reborn.

Last night my husband reached out and caressed my thigh and in that single moment I felt his love expressed physically.

A single yoga class can open the door to freedom, it did for me.

It is said that a single step starts a journey. Just ask Ray Zahad, a Canadian runner who ran across the Sahara Desert the importance of a single step. He is changing the world.

A single choice to forgive sets you free .

We often think more is better, yet everything starts with a single action or thought.

A single action of surrender opens you up to the grace of the universe.

Last night I sat on the couch talking to husband, tomorrow he starts chemo again, and in that single moment I prayed for the strength to be there for him.

Most trees begin with a single taproot, just as we as souls are connected to a divine source.

A single man with cancer, Terry Fox, can influence the lives of Canadian children for decades.

A single day is all we really have so never take it for granted, say I love you, say I’m sorry, be the best possible person you can be. 

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