Sunday, September 15, 2013

If I had Super Powers

 This blog is for you our family and friends. It’s for those of you who want to ask but are afraid to say the wrong thing, or perhaps feel you may be crossing a boundary. We’ve not kept it a secret, our lives have been stressful lately. Frank has cancer. He had cancer, we thought it was cured, but in spite of surgery followed by 8 months of chemo, the cancer spread. It spread from his colon to his liver and lungs. He will have more surgery and more chemo and we hope that this time the cancer will be stopped.

The sun rises and with it my heart expands with gratitude that I have another day with Frank, I thank the universe for this day with him. A day we can laugh together, makes plans, see our family and interact with the many customers of our studio who have becomes our friends. I never take a day lightly, if it can be said today, I say it; I say thank you, I say I love you, I say I am sorry, I say I miss you, I say I need you. I speak from my heart to all I meet.  The sun sets and with it I give my gratitude to the universe for the day I just had, no matter what, it was another day with Frank.

 If I had a super power I would use it to kill his cancer.  I would save my husband and banish cancer from the world forever.

If I had super power, I would fly my husband to another  planet and on that planet would be something that would heal him, perhaps a white light or special stone, or new technology that would emit an energy that would lift the cancer from him making him healthy.

If I had a super power, I would then return to earth and tell everyone about this amazing planet where cancer can be cured.

Maybe if I were a super power I would just be able to wrap my arms around Frank and make him better, a kind of super girl that kills cancer.

Perhaps my super power would be  my ability to reach in and tear the evil cancer from my husband’s body, throw it to the ground and set it on fire with my x-ray vision.

What if,  as a super power, I had the ability to make myself tiny ? I would shrink to a microscopic  size and enter my husband body, fighting off the evil cancer cells. Killing them all one by one like a spartan warrior.

But I have no super powers, so each day I draw in long slow breaths, I breathe in Prana (life force energy)  and with it comes hope; hope that all is going to be well and that no matter what the day brings, I will have the strength and most of all courage to be there for my husband, with my human powers of love, compassion and patience.

So thank you for your concern, your offers to help your prayers and your good thoughts.  I am lifted and encouraged by them,  so much of my strength comes from you. I know that if I am tired, or weary or just need a chat I am supported by a net of family, friends and community that  will catch me if I fall and that I will bounce back up, super powers or not. 

So in the end maybe superman represented that super human power we all have to do what is right no matter what, face down evil and to lift other humans up with our spirit.

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